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Company – Fleet

This is a listing of all aircraft in the Company’s three (3) Fleets containing operational details about each one.


It can also be sorted in any of these ways noted in the graphic below. All is the default. Select any other Fleet Name from those in the drop-down to view only those aircraft in that Fleet. Your choices are as follows:

All          |          Cargo          |          Charter          |          Scheduled

These are the Average Landing Rates for all aircraft in their respective Fleets.


These are the stats available for every Company aircraft. What's shown below are all aircraft.
NOTE:  To see an aircraft in a specific fleet, sort the list by clicking Operations and scroll to locate it. To return the page to its original state, click Aircraft.

The list can be sorted. Click on the column header to do so. To return the to the default view, refresh the page – or click the Aircraft column header.
NOTE:  This is only a partial view of the entire page.


To see additional information about an aircraft, click the triangle to its left – as illustrated below for the Airbus A300.


To close the data line, click the triangle.