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Behavior Guidelines

Our Discord is an online, public forum and may only be accessed by a member of our community – in other words, a Company Pilot. As such, in addition to having your behavior meet the Standards set forth within our Code of Conduct, it should also conform to those general Behavior Guidelines listed below.

Because we have an international community, we've chosen to do what the aviation community has done by adopting English as the official language of our Discord.

When on our Discord...

  • Follow all Staff instructions immediately – and at all times.
  • Do not ping Staff Members for trivial or inconsequential reasons.
  • Do not ping more than four (4) people at once – or ping members randomly (unless in a Group Flight).
  • You need to be at least 16 years old to use our Discord.
  • Respect the privacy of others. Do not share personal information – yours or that of others.
  • Remain on topic and use our channels correctly.
  • Community members are free to express themselves openly and give constructive criticism and feedback. When doing so, we expect those interactions to be civil and respectful.
  • Be welcoming, kind, respectful and considerate of other Users at all times. Bullying, threatening and/or harassing anyone in any way is not tolerated.
  • Do not promote your own content by posting personal Discord Server Invite links or codes. The only Server Invite links or codes allowed are those for official Discords or industry communities.
  • NSFW (Not Suitable For Work) content is not allowed under any circumstances. Content is expected to be suitable for all ages at all times.
  • Do not advertise (buy, sell or trade ) and/or give anything away without first obtaining permission from the Business Office staff (Red names).
  • Leave moderating to the Marshallers. Avoid engaging in back-seat moderating.
  • These rules may vary at any time. Marshallers reserve the right to warn and ban Users at their discretion.
  • The most important rule of all is to have fun!