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Before you proceed with this part of your Orientation, you must complete reading through the The Crew Operations Website module. It'll make what follows much less frustrating and more easily understandable and enjoyable.
Link:  The Crew Operations Website

Once again, welcome to Walker Air Transport! We’re very pleased to have you with us. It’s our intent to get you into the air as soon as possible. Experience, though, has taught us that following a formal process to bring new Pilots onboard is best for everyone.

That being said, let’s get going…

Our Pilots are expected to know how to fly before they arrive. For that reason, we don't have nor do we offer a Flight Training Program – formal flight training is well beyond the scope of what we do here. Instead, advancing our belief the more one knows about something, the more fun they’re likely to have doing it, we’ve worked very hard to create a safe and fun environment where continual learning is strongly encouraged and practiced.

And what might that include?

For us, it’s about creating and having experiences to develop new piloting skills – or enhance existing ones – and practicing them often to improve proficiency. It’s also about enjoying the time spent flying to its fullest. That means using automation to its maximum potential and using it to make flying with us as user-friendly... painless... frustration free... and painless as possible.

Our Flight Operations Process is streamlined and fully-automated so our Pilots can focus on what’s truly important to them – flying! For a first-timer, though, all of this might seem intimidating at first, so the Onboarding | Orientation Process we’ve detailed in the following pages will help you get acquainted with:

  • how we do things here; and,
  • how you can be a success – and have fun – as a Walker Air Transport Pilot.

Well, enough talking... It's time for us to go exploring!