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There are four [4] types of flights available at Walker Air Transport:

Cargo Charter Scheduled Tours

To learn more about each of them, scroll through this document.

Location and Home:
When you signed up for Walker Air Transport, you were asked to provide a Home Base location. This location is at your discretion and only affects one thing; where your career begins in the 'Scheduled' and 'Cargo' module.

Aircraft Available:
Each flight type has a specific fleet available. Visit our Fleet page by clicking here.

Notice About Worldwide Persistence:
As you read further into each module, remember that our 'Cargo' and 'Scheduled' operations require Pilots to depart from their last arrival airport, unless a Jumpseat to another airport is purchased.

We also have an option called 'Worldwide Persistence' which enables Charter flights to be operated in the same manner. Read more here.

Notice About Diversions or Crashes:
When you divert and land, or crash, our system will use your last known coordinates to determine the airport (or closest) where you are. Your PIREP is then marked as 'Diverted' and you have an additional icon placed on the map. In order to maintain our persistence system, we do one additional task based on having Worldwide Persistence enabled or not (see note above about Worldwide Persistence).


You'll remain at the airport we identified.
If the airport where you are has no Cargo or Scheduled flights, we'll identify another airport closest to your location that does have flights and relocate you so you may continue on your journey.

If you're on a Tour flight, you'll be required to re-fly that leg.