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General Questions

What’s a Virtual Airline?

As the name implies, a Virtual Airline (VA) is not a real airline. It simulates the various operations of a real one, though with only a single element – the Pilot. In a typical VA, the Pilot selects the flights they wish to fly, they fly them on their flight simulator and the data that flight generates is transmitted to a system documenting it. For many, being a Pilot for a VA gives them purpose and creates added realism for their online flying activities.

What’s Walker Air Transport?

Walker Air Transport is a virtual air transportation and logistics company headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, at the Jacksonville Executive Airport (KCRG). Founded in 1999, the company began as a small charter outfit operating a single-engine Cessna 172 Skyhawk, and later, a twin-turboprop Beechcraft King Air 350. As years passed, the demand for the company’s general air travel and private charter flight services increased, to the point where, in late 2019, Walker Air’s Executive Management Team made a decision to expand operations into scheduled passenger and cargo services. To fuel that expansion plan, staff were hired, systems developed, schedules created – and a fleet of over 75 passenger and cargo aircraft of varying types initially acquired – making us the first small charter company to successfully transition into the global aviation market. Walker Air Transport offers flexible options spanning the globe for a wide variety of passenger travel needs and timely solutions for those with cargo-hauling challenges.

Which flight simulators are supported by Walker Air Transport?

We support the three (3) major Flight Simulator platforms:


Laminar Research X-Plane


Lockheed Martin Prepar3D®


Microsoft® Flight Simulator 2020
(Steam and non-Steam version)


What computer operating systems are supported?

We support Microsoft® Windows-based (PC) versions of the Flight Simulator platforms mentioned above.

We also support the Apple-based (MacOS) version of X-Plane.

Can I use an earlier version of any of the flight simulators you support? 

Our proprietary Flight Data System is optimized to work best with X-Plane, Lockheed Martin Prepar3D® v4 and Microsoft® Flight Simulator 2020.

We do not actively support any earlier versions of these platforms.

Before I can fly for Walker Air Transport, what hardware and software will I need to have?

You must have at least the following in order to fly for us:

  • a Microsoft® Windows (PC) – or – Apple (MacOS)-based computer (X-Plane only);
  • a high-speed Internet connection;
  • supported Flight Simulator software (as mentioned above); and,
  • ACARS – smartCARS 3 (PC, Linux, or MacOS) or FlightTrackerXP (MacOS) for X-Plane only.

You must then complete an Application Form.

You’re not required to purchase any aircraft, addons or liveries. You may fly with us in a number of the default aircraft provided by the Developers of the flight simulator platforms we support.

Every aircraft in our Fleet has a custom-designed, easily-downloadable livery available at no cost.

You’re required to use that livery every time you fly using our ACARS-based Flight Data System.

Where do I find aircraft to download?

Flight simulation programs provide what are known as ‘default aircraft’ – aircraft the Developer has included with their Flight Simulator software. While not all of these default aircraft are in our Fleet, a number of them are. We’ve purposely designed our system to accept these default aircraft – and a number of our Pilots regularly fly and enjoy them. Other freeware and payware aircraft can be flown here as well, and they may be found by conducting an Internet search.

For additional assistance, post your request to the #general channel in our Discord.

How much flying experience do I need to have in order to join Walker Air Transport?

You do not need any flight experience to fly with us. Pilots of all levels are welcome.

You may, however, encounter conditions and/or situations when flying that may require you to skillfully operate your aircraft on your chosen route through varying weather conditions and other air traffic. We have what we think is a perfect, non-threatening environment for you to learn and develop those skills.

Do you offer a Flight Training Program?

No. Formal flight training is well beyond the scope of what we do here, though a number of our Pilots have Private Pilot Licenses | advanced ratings and complete flights for training purposes – especially when flown online with IVAO, PilotEdge, and/or VATSIM. We do think of ourselves, though, as offering a dynamic learning environment that can be as challenging and immersive as you want it to be. Our Staff and Pilots come from all walks of life and possess vast skills and talents they readily share in the Company Discord.

Do you have any age limits?

To join Walker Air Transport – and in order for us to be in compliance with applicable national and international law – we have stipulated that all of our Pilots must be at least 16​-years of age​.

By applying to join the company, you affirm you meet or exceed this minimum age requirement.

Do I have to pay for flying for Walker Air Transport?

No. There are no fees required to fly with us. Other than the cost of your computer equipment and related operation and flight simulator software, it costs absolutely nothing to fly with us.

Do I get paid for flying for Walker Air Transport?

We pay our Pilots in virtual currency that may only be used to purchase a ‘Jumpseat’ ticket within our organization, change their Home base and/or re-fly a Tour – it has no real-world value.

What if I need help or have a question?

We enthusiastically welcome new Pilots – and we’re here to help you have fun and enjoy your time in the virtual skies. So, if you have questions, please ask them. After all, we were all new at one time and probably had the same question(s).

Before doing so, though, take a few moments to search our Documentation Management System (DMS). It's quite possible you'll find your answer(s) there.

If you're not able to find the answer you're seeking, then post the question(s) you have in the #general channel in our Discord.

Otherwise, submit a Help Ticket.

Are there any restrictions placed on aircraft according to Pilot ranks?

No. Walker Air Transport doesn’t set restrictions on aircraft types by Pilot rank. You may fly any aircraft in our Fleet any time you wish to do so. Depending on your skill level, though – and to ease your transition into our system – you may find it more enjoyable (and potentially less frustrating) for your first several flights to be flown in General Aviation (GA) aircraft so you can gain some familiarity with how your actions on the ground and in the air affect PIREPS and the calculation of points before transitioning to larger and more complex aircraft. After all, we want the flying here to be fun – and for your enjoyment.

A PIREP is, quite simply, a Pilot Report. It contains digital data about the flight you flew and completed. After processing that data in our automated, proprietary system, it’s immediately filed, at which time it’s also added to your Pilot Logbook and is available for review.


Which online, multiplayer networks are supported by Walker Air Transport?

You can fly online with us using the IVAO, PilotEdge, and VATSIM networks.

What if I don't want to or can’t fly on a multiplayer network?

It’s not a problem at all and there’s never any pressure for you to do so. You may fly offline with us as much or as little as you desire. And in fact, most of our Pilots do not fly online at all.

Can I fly for Walker Air Transport and another virtual airline at the same time?

Yes. Our Pilots are not prohibited from flying for other VAs. As a matter of practice, though – and in accordance with a provision of our Code of Conduct – you may not publicly advertise another VA while flying for us.

What awards can Walker Air Transport Pilots earn?

We have an achievement-based Award System where our Pilots earn badges for successfully completing flight-related goals and objectives.

Go here to view the complete list of our Awards.

How’s flight data tracked?

To log your flight data, we utilize ACARS Flight Tracking software:

  • TFDi Design’s smartCARS 3; and,
  • FlightTrackerXP – an ACARS-compatible, MacOS Flight Tracker for for X-Plane only.

How often does a Walker Air Transport Pilot fly?

Our Pilots fly as often as they desire – and they do not have formal flight schedules.

We do, however, have some guidelines that must be followed. A New Hire/Flight Student must complete their first flight within fourteen (14) days after receiving their Acceptance Email. Thereafter, every Walker Air Transport Pilot maintains a status based on the frequency of their flight activity.

Status Description

At least one (1) completed flight/PIREP in the past thirty (30) days.

A New Pilot must complete their first flight within fourteen (14) days after receiving Acceptance Email.

On Leave

No completed flight/PIREP in the past thirty (30) days.

A Pilot will be placed On Leave if they do not complete at least one (1) flight every thirty (30) days.


No completed flight/PIREP in the past ninety (90) days.

A Pilot will be Retired if they do not complete at least one (1) flight every ninety (90) days.

A PIREP is, quite simply, a Pilot Report. It contains digital data about the flight you flew and completed. After processing that data in our automated, proprietary system, it’s immediately filed, at which time it’s also added to your Pilot Logbook and is available for review.


It looks I won’t be able to fly at any time in the next month or so. What should I do?

Life happens – and situations and circumstances change. We understand that… Based on your level of activity (as noted above), you’ll be classified as either On Leave or Retired. You’ll receive an email from us notifying you of your change in status along with what steps are necessary in order for you to return to Active status.

If you have questions about your status, submit a Help Ticket.

Is there a minimum number of flights or hours I have to fly in order to retain ‘Active’ status?

No. There are no minimum flight time requirements – as long as there’s a takeoff at a departure airport and a landing at an arrival airport, the length of time your aircraft is airborne doesn’t matter.

The key to maintaining and retaining an ‘Active’ status is to complete at least one (1) flight every thirty (30) days.

As a matter of practicality, though, we don’t see the value in doing that. Flights of that type lose money. Therefore, if flights of this type become regular occurrences for you, we’ll need to have a conversation about it.

Is there a maximum number of flights or hours I’m allowed to fly in a day | week | month | year?

No. You may fly as much and as often as you desire. From a real-world | healthy balance | quality of life perspective, though, you may wish to use current FAA regulations as a guide in planning and using your time. Based on what they say:

  • Pilots are allowed a maximum of 60 hours of flight duty per week (defined as 168 consecutive hours).
  • In any consecutive 28-day period, a Pilot cannot exceed 290 hours, of which no more than 100 hours can be flight time.
  • During 365 consecutive days, Pilots cannot exceed 1,000 flight-time hours.

What do I do if I want to leave Walker Air Transport?

You may terminate your position with us at any time.

If you ever wish to return, though, you’ll be treated as a new applicant – you’ll need to complete an Application Form and go through the approval process. If approved, you’ll start with us as a Student Pilot with zero hours and zero points. Any hours and points accumulated under your previous Pilot ID will be lost.

Which airplanes can I use to fly with Walker Air Transport?

On our website’s Fleet page (, you’ll see the wide variety of aircraft we fly in our Cargo, Charter and Scheduled Fleets – each with a custom and proprietary Walker Air livery.

From day one, you may fly any aircraft you desire – we do not restrict aircraft type to rank.

Additionally, with each aircraft in the Fleet page, you’ll see the flight simulator in which it may be flown and its Developer. A few quick clicks will let you know which aircraft currently in your personal ‘hanger’ can be flown here. Depending on the type of flight you operate, though, you must fly an aircraft in that specific fleet. That means:

  • For a Cargo flight, an aircraft in the Cargo Fleet must be flown;
  • For a Charter flight, an aircraft in the Charter Fleet must be flown; and,
  • For a Scheduled flight, an aircraft in the Scheduled Fleet must be flown.

No substitutes are allowed.

Do I need to install addon panels | sounds | mods in addition to aircraft?

No – all you need to install to fly for us is an appropriate aircraft. Anything else you choose to do with it is up to you. We do, however, recommend using a panel and sound package designed for the aircraft you’re flying in order to achieve the greatest realism.

Where are Walker Air Transport’s Hubs?

Unlike other VAs, we do not have Hubs.

Instead, putting our 'Freedom to Fly' beliefs into practice, we allow our Pilots to choose their own Home Base (Home) from any of over 44,000 airports in our database.

Is it possible to change from one Home to another?

On your Application Form, you were asked to specify a Home Base (Home). It’s from this assigned location you must make your first Cargo or Scheduled flight. Thereafter, it doesn’t factor into your flying – unless that’s what you want to do.

If you wish to change your Home, you can do so on your own anytime you wish to do so – and as many times as you desire. You can do this yourself in your Pilot Profile.

Click here to learn more about it.

How do I complete and submit a Help or Request Form?

Instructions on how to complete a Help Ticket can be found here.

Where can I fly with Walker Air Transport?

With well over 640,000 published schedules spanning the entire world, our Cargo and Scheduled Pilots have a significant number of flight options from which to choose.

Our Charter Pilots have even more flight options – if an airport exists in your flight simulator’s database, you can fly there.

I have hours in another Virtual Airline for which I no longer fly. Can they be transferred and credited here?

No. All Pilots begin their careers at Walker Air Transport with 00:00 hours and zero points.

What Rank can I achieve?

Achieving Rank is based on a very simple model… You’re promoted based on the number of hours you fly and the points you earn by completing a flight. To work your way through the ‘ranks’, all you need to do is build your flight hours and your points by completing flights and meeting both of the requirements noted below for minimum hours and minimum points.


Rank details are illustrated in the following table. 

Rank | Title Insignia Minimum Hours Minimum Points Pay Rate (Hourly)
Flight Student


0 0 $15.00
First Officer


25 300 $35.00
Senior First Officer


75 900 $45.00


100 1,200 $65.00
Flight Captain


300 3,600 $85.00
Senior Flight Captain


500 6,000 $105.00
Chief Pilot I


1,000 12,000 $115.00
Chief Pilot II


2,500 30,000 $135.00
Chief Pilot III


5,000 60,000 $165.00
Senior Chief Pilot I


7,500 90,000 $192.00
Senior Chief Pilot II


10,000 120,000 $225.00
Senior Pilot Emeritus


15,000 180,000 $255.00

Points are awarded for each completed flight receiving an ‘Accepted’ designation.

The number of points you earn will depend on several factors – as you can see from the categories and points awards in the chart below.

Category Points How is it determined?
Completed Flight +5  
Per Hour of Flight +1  
Per 50 Nautical Miles of Flight +1  
Completed 20-Minute Pre-Flight +3 Pre-flight time is calculated between the log entries 'Preflight started, flying' and 'Pushing back with # of fuel'.
Flaps Position Set Takeoff
+1 Takeoff flaps are determined by log entry 'Flaps set to' that occur before the log entry 'Taking off'.
Flaps Position Set Landing

Landing flaps are determined by log entry 'Flaps set to' that occur after the log entry 'Approaching'. The 'Approaching' log entry will not occur if you are not properly in cruise phase. Please read note above regarding MSFS 2020 and/or ensure you know how to properly use the ACARS application to set your correct cruise level.

Exceed 250kts under 10,000 ft for more than 2 minutes

Only applicable when aircraft MTOW is less than 300,000lbs (136,077kgs).

-5 Aircraft that have an MTOW less than 300,000lbs (136,077kgs). You can view the MTOW of our fleet by visiting Company > Fleet in CrewOps and viewing the MTOW column.


Only deducted once regardless of number of instances of overspeeding

-2 Log indicates 'Overspeed'.

Time Compression


Log indicates 'Simulation rate set to'.


A 15% penalty will be assessed against the total number of points earned for that flight.


46 points earned – 7 point penalty (.15 × 46) = 39 points awarded.

Bonus Multiplier

  The bonus multiplier helps equalize flights in all Fleet aircraft regardless of distance flown and/or cruising speed by using a proprietary algorithm and applying it to those with cruise speeds of 250kts or less and cruise speeds between 251kts and 400kts.

Pilots Home Airport


You departed from or arrived at your Hub airport.

Landing Rates (Aircraft MTOW < 12,500lb)  

-800 fpm to -701 fpm


-700 fpm to -601 fpm


-600 fpm to -501 fpm


-500 fpm to -401 fpm


-400 fpm to -300 fpm


-300 fpm to -201 fpm


-200 fpm to -101 fpm


-100 fpm to 0 fpm


-150 fpm


Landing Rates (Aircraft MTOW > 12,500lb)  

-800 fpm to -701 fpm


-700 fpm to -601 fpm


-600 fpm to -501 fpm


-500 fpm to -401 fpm


-400 fpm to -301 fpm


-300 fpm to -101 fpm


-100 fpm to 0 fpm


-150 fpm


Here are some examples illustrating how these category points factor into each flight.

1 2 3
image-1638202067020.png image-1638202135807.png image-1638202249779.png