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Aircraft Liveries

A bespoke, readily-identifiable Walker Air livery has been painstakingly created for each aircraft in the Company’s Cargo, Charter and Scheduled Fleets – and in some instances, there are multiple liveries from which to choose.

A significant amount of time and effort has been expended to design and maintain them in a way intended to establish and visually enhance our Company’s brand… our unique identity… in the Sim community and beyond.

For that reason, whenever you fly using our proprietary, ACARS-based Flight Data System, you’re expected to do so in the Company’s livery.

Walker Air Transport is committed to providing liveries within 24-48 hours of most highly anticipated releases. Until a livery has been released, you will be unable to log any flights with us. We recommend that you join our Discord and sign up for the liveries notifications.

If a pilot consistently abuses this, it will result in removal from the airline.