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Aircraft Liveries

A bespoke, readily-identifiable Walker Air livery has been painstakingly created for each aircraft in the company’s cargo, charter and scheduled fleets – and for some aircraft models, there are alternative special liveries from which to choose.

Liveries may be downloaded from this link, or by heading to the CrewOps site and going to Downloads - Liveries

A significant amount of time and effort has been expended to design and maintain them in a way intended to establish and visually enhance our company’s brand and showcase our unique identity in the sim community and beyond.

If there is an aircraft that you would like to fly but does not have a Walker livery - please submit a ticket and our paintshop will evaluate the request.

smartCARS 3 and X-Plane 11/12 on PC

If you are using smartCARS 3, X-Plane 11/12, PC computer, and your PIREP was rejected that is due to a bug in smartCARS 3. Please go to smartCARS 3 | Windows PC Mac OS Linux and read the IMPORTANT INFO! section. You must use XPUIPC and configure the app accordingly or every single PIREP will be rejected.

We have raised this to TFDi and are waiting on them to fix the application.

For that reason, whenever you fly using our proprietary, ACARS-based Flight Data System, you’re expected to do so in the company’s livery. This may only be bypassed if you are enrolled in Walker's Patreon program.

Walker Air Transport aims to provide liveries as soon as possible, particularly for highly anticipated releases. However, as different aircraft have differing amounts of complexity, as well as availability of paint kits and other resources, there are no commitments as to when liveries will be available. Until a livery has been released, you will be unable to log any flights with us unless you are a member of the Patreon program. We recommend that you join our Discord and sign up for the liveries notifications to be kept up to date on releases.

If a pilot consistently abuses this, it will result in removal from the airline.