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Art Assets

The company's logo, avatar and livery design – collectively known as Art Assets – are copyrighted by Walker Technologies Group, Inc., a Florida Corporation.

Considered a form of branding, the Walker Air Transport livery is defined as a set of comprehensive design elements, incorporating unique color, graphic and typographical identifiers applied to our company aircraft.

The use of our Art Assets is governed by the rules noted below.

  • You're free to use the company’s Art Assets for your personal use (streaming, social media, etc.) as long as you:
    • are an active pilot with us; and,
    • use them in a manner consistent with our Mission & Values and Code of Conduct.
  • The Company's Art Assets are not to be modified in any way.
    If you fail to abide by this rule, you may be terminated.

  • If you're removed from Walker Air Transport – either by termination or your request – all assets incorporating the Walker Air Transport logo and/or avatar are to be deleted from any device or alternate location where you have saved them. This includes projects involving the use of the Company avatar, logo, name or design likeness.

If you have an interest in creating liveries or mods for us, submit a Help Ticket.

Aircraft Developers maintain the copyright(s) of the base textures upon which the Company's logo, avatar and/or livery are placed.