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Pausing Your Sim

As long as you’re flying offline and don’t do anything to interrupt the operation of ACARS, you may pause your flight and resume it at any time afterwards without penalty. Read more detailed information about that here.

If you’re flying online in a simulated, real-world environment, though, the Controllers at IVAO, PilotEdge, POSCON and VATSIM will not likely be as accommodating. They typically do not allow flights to be paused.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR MICROSOFT® FLIGHT SIMULATOR 2020 USERS:  Pausing a flight while underway in a simulator is expected to stop the clock in ACARS; however, it does not do that. Instead, the flight clock continues to run in ACARS – the length of the pause is added to the overall flight time. For that reason, unless you're using smartCARS Premium, pausing in this Sim is not permitted . For a more detailed explanation, go here and scroll to the Pausing Your Simulator section.