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IVAO, PilotEdge & VATSIM

While we do not require you to fly online, it’s strongly encouraged. To assist you in doing so, we’ve partnered with PilotEdge and VATSIM.

You can fly on the IVAO network, however Walker Air Transport is not partnered with this company nor will we be due to their unnecessary requirements.

Whenever flying online, enter the following information in the remarks section of your pre-file.


Unlike other Virtual Airlines, when flying for us, your Callsign will always be your Walker Air Transport Pilot ID.
EXAMPLE:  If your Company-assigned Pilot ID is WAT 300...
Your call sign is WAT300.

Depending on your Region of the world, when making radio calls, you say Walker 300 or Walker Three Hundred or Walker Three-Zero-Zero

And a final note…

When using any of these online networks and the WAT Callsign, you’re considered a Company Ambassador. As such, at all times, you're expected to:

  • be professional;
  • be courteous and respectful of others;
  • exercise good judgment; and,
  • engage in behavior that could not be interpreted as being argumentative or disruptive.

Additionally, in order to maintain a sense of professionalism, general chat with other Company Pilots while flying online should only be conducted on our Discord, not on an active network frequency.

If, at any time, we learn about a Pilot's questionable or disruptive behavior while flying on an online network, the matter will be fully investigated and, if deemed appropriate, they'll be formally disciplined.