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ACARS is a term used to refer to Flight Tracking software used to provide data to our System. That software is as follows: > smartCARS for Windows PC > FlightTrackerXP for MacOS (X-Plane only)


FlightTrackerXP | MacOS

Prior to 1 December 2021, this was known as Belerophon.

FlightTrackerXP is a paid application. You must purchase and download it from the Apple's App Store.
We do not own, develop or provide support for it. For support, contact the Developer.


The FlightTrackerXP application is subscription-based flight tracking software created specifically for MacOS in support of  Laminar Research's X-Plane.


It may be downloaded here from Apple's App Store.


Once downloaded, you'll be required to complete a few items to set it up.



Once you open up the application, you will want to click on the + at the bottom right to add a virtual airline.


Airline Configuration Page

This is the Airline Configuration Page.

On the left side, scroll down and find Walker Air Transport and click it.


When you click on our airline, it is going to default to smartCARS 2 as the TYPE. You must change this otherwise you will be unable to log in. We do not support FlightTrackerXP on the smartCARS 2 API as of August 15th, 2023.


Type smartCARS 3
Name Walker Air Transport
Address https://acars.walkerair.us/api/flighttrackerxp
Username This is your email address used to log into CrewOps

This is the password used to log into CrewOps

Other Settings

You are free to set these as you wish

Click the Save button.

Home Page

On the Home Page, your Pilot stats can be viewed.