Flights – My Bids

Flights upon which you’ve created a bid will be listed here.


NEW FEATURE! We have now introduced a bid delete lockout. When you actively start your flight logging using one of the ACARS applications available at our VA, we will block you from deleting your bid. This is to help unintentional situations where you delete a bid while in flight. If you do, you will not be able to submit the flight at the end of your flight--the ACARS application will error out. The update interval is set to 5 seconds and should be pretty quick for everyone.

Change Aircraft

You may change the aircraft you originally selected.

Click the Pencil icon. From the drop down menu, select a replacement aircraft. Once its name appears in the text box, click the Check Mark icon to confirm your selection.

To cancel the aircraft change – and return it to the aircraft in your original Bid – click the X icon.



Cancel Bid

To cancel a Bid, click the red Trash Can icon in the red box.

Pilot Briefing

To view a Bid's Pilot Briefing, click the Clipboard icon button in the yellow box.

After doing so, the screen below will open providing some valuable information about your planned flight.


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