Administrative Policies


In order to become a Company Pilot and remain on Active status, you must:




      Transfer of Hours

      We do not set restrictions on aircraft types by Pilot rank; therefore, we do not transfer hours from another Virtual Airline or VATSIM.

      Everyone begins their career with us as a Flight Student with 00:00 hours of flight time.

      Home Assignment

      You selected your Home Airport ('Home') when you completed our Application Form.

      It’s from this assigned location you must make your first Cargo or Scheduled flight. Thereafter, your assigned Home Airport doesn’t factor into your flying unless that’s what you want to do.

      If your Home does not have any Cargo or Scheduled flights and you desire to fly them, you must enable Worldwide Persistence (WWP) to fly to an airport that does have Cargo and/or Scheduled flights. Learn more about WWP here.

      For Charter operations, your Home will not be a factor at all.

      If you wish to change your Home, you can do so on your own anytime – and as many times as you desire; however, be aware of the fact there is a fee involved each time you do so.

      That fee will be deducted from your Ledger (Pilot Profile > Ledger).

      As long as your balance is greater than the fee for the Transfer, your Home will be changed.

      If your Ledger balance is less than the fee for the Transfer, your Home will not be changed..

      To initiate a Home Transfer, go to Settings > My Information > My Home in the Navigation Bar of the Crew Operations website. Follow the prompts.

      You may also click here to learn how to change your Home.

      Pilot Status & Flight Requirements

      Every Company Pilot maintains a status based on the frequency of their flight activity.

      Status Description
      New Hire Must complete first flight within fourteen (14) days after receiving Acceptance Email.
      Active At least one (1) completed flight/PIREP in the past thirty (30) days.
      On Leave No completed flight/PIREP in the past thirty (30) days.
      Retired No completed flight/PIREP in the past ninety (90) days.

      A PIREP is, quite simply, a Pilot Report. It contains digital data about the flight you flew and completed. After processing that data in our automated, proprietary system, it’s immediately filed, at which time it’s also added to your Pilot Logbook and is available for review.

      You'll be placed On Leave if you do not complete at least one (1) flight every thirty (30) days.

      You'll be Retired if you do not complete at least one (1) flight every ninety (90) days.

      We do not delete pilot accounts unless specifically requested.

      If you find yourself retired, simply log in to CrewOp and follow the automated reactivation process. Our staff does not reactive accounts manually unless there is a specific issue such as "no access to the email on file."

      Rehire Eligibility

      If you wish to have your data removed from our system, please email

      If you were:

      Retired Terminated
      ... for failing to complete one (1) flight every ninety (90) days – or by personal request – you may be rehired. Your statistics will be restored to the values they were at the time you were Retired. ... you will not be rehired.

      To be considered for rehire, post your request in the #support channel in the Company Discordor – submit a Help Ticket.


      You can be terminated if it's determined you've failed to adhere to our:

      If you think you were unjustly terminated, contact